OCGCR.com is NOT an authorized Microsoft, or Sony service center.

If you elect to use our services to repair your video game system you agree and understand that these companies will not accept your console for repair after services from us or any other third party repair service. The use of our service voids all other warranties on your video game system provided by Microsoft, and Sony Corporation. Once your warranty has been voided by us or any other third party repair service these companies will not under ANY circumstances offer to service your system unless serviced by their own service centers. We are not affiliated with Microsoft or Sony Corporation and use of OCGCR.com constitutes an express waiver of your rights under those warranties and waives any liability or claim against OCGCR.com for voiding those warranties.

OCGCR.com provides video game repair services backed by a (90) day warranty on labor and parts. This warranty is non-transferable. If your system requires additional servicing for the specific problem that you identified originally before repairs were executed, during the (90) day warranty period, we will fix it again.
Our standard completion time for repairs is 24-48 hours (during the normal business week). OC Game Console Repairs will not be held liable for repairs that take longer than the stated repair time estimates, as these are only estimates.

When the hard drive needs to be replaced, the client should assume that all saved data will be lost. OCGCR.com will not be held responsible for any lost data on any machine or device brought to us. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove all files or data from the hard drive prior to bringing the unit in for service.

OCGCR.com will not be held liable for any damage to systems that occur from the repair process.

OCGCR.com will not repair a system that has been modified in anyway.

We make every effort to provide quick and effective service for every customer and quick turn around on your repair order. In order to do this, we need for you the customer to arrange for pick up of your game system or device within 30 days of the repair. As stated on the work order. Therefore, unless prior arrangements have been made with your repair engineer, storage charges of a 1.00 per day are applicable to orders which are not paid for within 14 days of the repair being completed. If for any reason your order is not paid for after 30 days, your system or device will be considered abandoned and it will become the property of OCGCR.com

In any case of disputes over billing, repair, damage to the system or any other business related dispute, the customer agrees that the sole remedy will be binding arbitration through the Better Business Bureau (see BBB.org for details). However, all disputes must first be indicated in writing through the contact us option on our web site. prior to the complaint file date or options for warranty are voided. Further, in the case of conflicts of law, the law of the State of California will apply.