iPhone Data Recovery

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iPhone Data Recovery Services

iMicroboard Repairs is a Professional, Mail-in Data Recovery and Repair Service. We specialize in recovering data from damaged: iPhone, iPad and Android motherboards.

We also offer:
Mail-in logic board repair and micro soldering services to the public and to other tech repair businesses. Please feel free to contact us for Business to Business pricing.

We realize there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right place for your data recovery or repair needs. Rest assured we have the latest tools and technology, as well as the knowledge to ensure the highest quality of work. We have some of the highest data recovery success rates, and will recover your data in the most effective way. CHECK OUT what our customers have to say about us on Google, Yelp, and Instagram!

Data Recovery Service Starting at $399

Standard Data Recovery

We recover the following data from your device:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music

Full Device Backup

We provide full clone backup of your device:

  • Includes Standard Data Recovery
  • Smart Switch back up
  • iTunes backup

Crypto & Authenticators

We recover following Crypto Currency data:

  • Includes Full Device Backup
  • (2FA) Two Factor Authentications
  • Wallet Keys

How Our Mail-in Service Works

1. Request Form

Fill out the Mail-in Request Form to validate the device can be serviced

2. Receive a Ticket #

Once the repair issue is identified, an estimate & a ticket# is emailed

3. Mail Your Device

All packages must have a ticket#. Be sure to package the device well

4. Device Returned

Once the Data is recovered & the invoice is paid, your data & device is mailed back